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Photo Album - 2011
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Natives Rifle Club 2011 Trophy Presentations

2011 Natives Rifle Club Champions

L to R:  Don Thompson (A Grade), Colin Jones (B Grade), Kate Menzel (C Grade), Emile Daniel (F-Class Standard)

Mrs. Judy Caske presents Range Champions with their trophies

Captain John Menzel presents David Oryszczuk with the Encouragement Award

The evening was a delightful social event for the Club and members took the opportunity to mingle and enjoy the occasion


A Fond Au Revoir

The enjoyment of the evening was tempered by the knowledge that 2011 A Grade Club Champion, Don Thompson, a career army officer, has been posted to Canberra from the beginning of 2012.
Don will be greatly missed by the Club for his skills in marksmanship and wind coaching in our teams events and his tutoring of new members.  We wish Don all the very best in his new posting and hope that he returns very soon.  It's not goodbye, just au revoir.
In recognition of Don's contribution to the Natives Rifle Club over many years he was presented with a memento to ensure he doesn't forget us.


Christmas Breakup Shoot - 10/12/2011

Let's all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - and that's an order from the Captain!
November 26, 2011         November 27, 2011      
Natives Club members in the trophy list at the Darling Downs DRA and DD Rifle Club Prize Meetings
DDDRA Summary of Scores       DD Rifle Club Prize Meeting Summary of Scores
300 Yards:           Aggregate:        
F Class Open: Emile Daniel - 1st, 60.6       A Grade: Ken Lobwein - 1st, 150.14  
500 Yards:               Steve Smith, Natives - 145.11  
A Grade: John Caske - 1st, 50.7         Carol Solomon, Natives - 145.10  
C Grade: Marcia Canty - 1st, 47.3         Kevin Howlett, Natives - 143.14  
F Class Std: Brian Pickles - 1st, 59.4         Don Thompson, Natives - 140.11
                John Caske, Natives - 140.8  
A Grade: R. McMaster - 1st, 150.16       B Grade: G Morrison - 1st, 144.8  
  Carol Solomon, Natives - 147.12         John Menzel, Natives - 3rd, 143.10
  John Caske, Natives - 145.12                
  Steve Smith, Natives - 145.11       C Grade: K. Martin - 1st, 144.10  
  Tom Canty, Natives - 142.8                
B Grade: F. Chiester - 1st, 146.17       F Std: M. Kyle - 1st, 171.12    
C Grade: K. Martin - 1st, 137.7           B. Pickles, Natives - 158.5  
  Marcia Canty, Natives - 2nd, 136.5              
F Std: D. Barlow  - 1st, 171.4       F Open: V. Northfield - 1st, 177.15  
  Brian Pickles, Natives - 146.4         Emile Daniel, Natives - 170.12  
F Open: C. McKewan - 1st, 178.15                
  Emile Daniel, Natives - 3rd, 177.15              
      Two-Day Grand Aggregate Summary of Results    
      A Grade: Ken Lobwein - 1st, 299.33      
        Carol Solomon, Natives - 292.22      
        Steve Smith, Natives - 290.22      
        John Caske, Natives - 285.20      
      B Grade: W. Heaton - 1st, 286.26        
      C Grade: K. Martin - 1st, 281.17        
        Marcia Canty, Natives - 2nd, 269.13      
      F Std: D. Barlow - 1st, 339.23        
        Brian Pickles, Natives - 304.9      
      F Open: V. Northfield - 1st, 353.27      
        Emile Daniel, Natives - 346.26      

Steve Smith and Carol Solomon at Warwick - Not sure what the big smiles are about!!!

MDRA Teams Final Results - 2011

      As at 06/11/2011  
  A Grade:   Points Score  
  1 Pacific  A 25 5683.486  
  2 Natives A 25 5664.488  
  3 University A 18 5495.413  
  4 Albert/Central A 11 4955.393  
  A Reserve:      
  1 Brisbane Res 41 4080.336  
  2 Natives Res 33 4020.298  
  3 Gold Coast Res 33 4001.298  
  4 Brisbane Mariners Res 30 3988.305  
  5 Pacific Res 10 1500.108  
  6 Cannon Hill Res 7 1481.098  
  B Grade:        
  1 Natives  B 19 3171.211  
  2 Pacific B 17 3168.237  
  3 University B 2 653.030  
  4 Composite B 1 386.020  
  C Grade:        
  1 Pacific C 15 3039.158  
  2 Natives C 9 2835.127  

Congratulations to Natives B Grade Fixtures Team for winning their grade in 2011

Left: Awaiting the 2011 Fixtures Trophy presentations. 
Right: Natives B Grade Trophy Winners - Brian Pickles, John Menzel, Steve Smith, Tom Canty, Kevin Howlett

Left:  Veteran stalwarts of the B Grade winning team - "Uncle" Tom and "Poppy" Pickles
Right: Pacific won the annual grudge match trophy for the 1000 yards fixtures match but Captain Bill Baker wants to know
whose been sampling the winnings?  Is the bottle half full or is it half empty?

October 29 and 30, 2011

Left: Natives Club Badge Winners - North Arm Prize Meeting:Wayne Latham, Wendy Latham, Kevin Howlett, Emile Daniel
Right: Natives Camp Site - the Natives are resting!

Left: Kevin Howlett offering Jim Breeze a shine and polish!

Right: Steve Smith, winner of the Lilley DRA B Grade Aggregate with 148.12 and the B Grade Two Day Aggregate with 286.18
Steve's Lilley DRA score would have won A Grade!)

Welcome to A Grade - a well deserved promotion.

Belmont Rifle Range, Brisbane - October 21 and 22, 2011

The Palma Teams competition is held every four years and the Great Britain team
displayed their continued dominance in the event by winning by an impressive margin of 35 points.

Final Two Day Scores:

Great Britain - 7027.651
South Africa - 6992.651
USA - 6980.655
Australia - 6966.603
Canada - 6910.563
New Zealand - 6891.533

Palma International Teams Match Targets at 900 Yards

At 900 Yards - Left: Australia, Right: South Africa

At 900 Yards - Left: USA, Right: Great Britain

At 900 Yards - Left: New Zealand, Right: Canada

On the mound at 900 Yards - Left: Canada, Right: New Zealand

On the mound at 900 yards - Left: Great Britain, Right: South Africa

Left and Right: Australia at 900 yards

Left and Right: Australia at 900 yards

Left: New Zealand preparing to shoot at 1000 yards, Right: USA shooting at 1000 yards


The Natives Rifle Club is proud to be associated with the Carina Leagues Club which provides significant support for our Club's activities.

On Saturday, October 1, 2011 Natives Club members attended the Carina Leagues Club sports night for the presentation of trophies. 
Three Natives Club members received trophies on what proved to be a delightful social evening for both clubs.

Natives Club members to receive trophies from the Carina Club were:
A Grade Carina Champion - Wayne Latham
B Grade Carina Champion - Colin Jones
C Grade Carina Champion - Marcia Canty
Maree & Brian Pickles; Janet & Colin Jones; Wendy & Wayne Latham

Maree and Steve Smith; Marcia and Tom Canty; Cath and Lyle Vinter

Marcia Canty receives her trophy; Marcia and her trophy

Wainey Leythem receiving his trophy (note the position of the right hand!!!); Wainey Leythem and his trophy.
There has to be gossip, rumour, innuendo, scandal, deceit &/or high treason here somewhere!!?? 
Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!!!
Over to you, Washington Post!!

Receiving their trophies L to R:  Col Jones (B Grade), Marcia Canty (C Grade), Wainey Leythem AKA Steve Smith fulfilling his dream (check above for other hand!)

October 1st and 2nd, 2011

The Natives Rifle Club A Grade Grand Aggregate was won by club member Kim O'Loghlen whose fine exhibition of long-range
target shooting also won him the Day 2 aggregate and the Keith Affleck Belt shoot-off between the top ten scorers in the Grand Aggregate. 
To rub salt into the already raw wounds of fellow competitors inflicted by the challenging conditions,
 Kim also won the Club raffle of a Canty rear sight!

Left: Kim O'Loghlen, winner of Day 2 A Grade Aggregate, A Grade Grand Aggregate and the Keith Affleck Belt
Right: Ben Picton, Mungindi, winner of the Day 1 A Grade Aggregate

Grade winners with their TSE trophy barrels:
Left to Right: Kim O'Loghlen, John Menzel, Mathew Pozzebon, William Heaton, Gordon Vick, Jenni Hausler

L to R: Taking entries, Geoff Roberts the Stats man, The Wailing Wall

Taking aim at the flag line.

L to R: Brothers Grim, Post mortems, The Menzel Clan

L to R: Did you see that?;  I'm happy with that!;  A winning smile at 900.
L to R: I'll drink to that score; The smile indicates he hasn't shot yet!; Coached pairs match.

Left:  Steve Smith with his Number 1 B Grade Duncan Series badge and trophy.
Right: Wayne Latham, Don Thompson and Steve Smith display their Queens and Aggregate badges.

Below:  Other images of Natives Club members on the range during the Championships.

2011 Queens Winner, Gray Robertson from Wurgabup, WA
Brisbane Rifle Club and MDRA Prize Meetings
August 13 and 14, 2011


Left: Steve Smith, Col Jones, Kevin Howlett & Kate Menzel - Natives Club members of  the winning team in the MacCartney Shield match.
Right: Kevin Howlett, Wendy Latham, Don Thompson, Steve Smith and Kate Menzel show off their badges and medallions from the Brisbane Rifle Club Prize Meeting.

Left: Natives club members show off their loot from the MDRA Prize Meeting - Check out Carol Solomon's bounty on the right!
Right: A happy Kate Menzel displays one her trophies from the weekend.

Natives Club members Brian Pickles and Wayne Latham were members of the Qld Veterans Rifle Team which won the Don Cook match against teams from around Australia at Belmont on August 12, 2011.


Marcia Canty had a great day at the Ipswich Prize Meeting on July 30th
winning the C Grade Aggregate and both the 600 metre C Grade ranges.


eaudesert Rifle Club's Postponed Prize Meeting - July 16, 2011


QRA Councillor, Andrew Mayfield,  presenting badges to Natives Club Members Tom Canty, Carol Solomon, Steve Smith and Brian Pickles.

Percy Gartner and SDDRA Prize Meetings - A great weekend at Warwick, May 14th & 15th, 2011

Tom Canty - Winner of B Grade Day #1 and Day #2 Aggregates and the B Grade Grand Aggregate
Welcome back to A Grade, Tom!



Natives Club rifle team of Len Solomon (47.4), Carol Solomon (49.6), John Caske (47.6) and Lyle Vinter (46.2), shown above celebrating their winning aggregate score of 189.17, defeated the more favoured Pacific Club team (188.12) of Helen Griffiths, Gillian Webb-Enslin, Darren Enslin and Damien Earl all coached by Ross Geange, to take out the Mackay Championships teams event at the weekend.



Thanks to an enthusiastic turnout by club members, partners and family members to a working bee on Sunday, April 17th the ongoing upgrade of our clubhouse was progressed by the installation of a steel support beam which allowed a post to be removed and thereby increased the usable space on the outdoor deck.  Painting of the clubhouse exterior was commenced and the installation of new signage has highlighted our Club's presence to visitors and prospective members.


Natives Club members win A and B Grade

Congratulations to Wendy Latham and Col Jones who won A and B Grades at Wondai.
Emile Daniel won No.2 Badge in F Class Standard to complete a very successful day for the Natives Club.

Summary of Results

A Grade: Badge #1 - Wendy Latham, Natives 149.15
2nd - Ashley Bidgood, Crows Nest 149.12
3rd - Jim Dickenson, Pratton 149.12
5th - Wayne Latham, Natives 147.12
Peter Scovell, Natives 142.08
Leigh O'Donnell, Natives 140.05
B Grade: Badge #1 - Colin Jones, Natives 149.14
2nd - Diane Philips, Bundaberg 147.14
Kevin Howlett, Natives 144.10
C Grade: Badge #1 - Garry Henderson, Pacific 149.11
F Class Std: Badge #1 - Ted Long, Pittsworth 171.10
2nd - Emile Daniel, Natives 169.12
F Class Open: Badge #1 - Cameron McEwan, Dalby-Tara 176.14

Left: Colin Jones - B Grade No1 Badge, Wendy Latham - A Grade No1 Badge, Emile Daniel - F Class Std No2 Badge
Right: Wendy Latham Winner of the Gordon Iszlaub Memorial Trophy for the highest score.

Sunday, March 27th

The annual City versus Country Teams matches were fired over 900, 900 and 1000 yards in very challenging, strong frontal fishtail wind conditions.

City Team Captain, Don Thompson, of the Natives Rifle Club hold the trophy with some of his fellow team members

Natives Club members, Wendy Latham, Kate Kennedy & Carol Solomon participated in the Ladies Team.

Natives Club member John Caske on target in Tasmania

John won 6th badge in the Geraldine Davis lead-up match in the Tasmanian Championships held on the Campbell Town range last week.

John followed up this performance with a great win in A Grade in the Tasmanian 1000 yards Championship with a score of 71.2

A happy John Caske,
the Natives Rifle Club's
travelling pot-hunter extraordinaire!

Domonic Whalan of the Natives Rifle Club won MDRA Under-25
Champion of Champions Trophy

The Champion of Champion match was fired during the morning of Saturday, 26th February, 2011
over 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yards.

Congratulations Domonic

Natives Rifle Club members among the badges at
Crows Nest Prize Meeting - 13/02/2011

Left to Right:  Don Thompson - 7th Badge in A Grade, Brian Pickles - 2nd in 2-day Aggregate in F Class Std.,
Steve Smith - 2nd Badge in B Grade, Col Jones - 3rd Badge in B Grade,
Kevin Howlett - 10th Badge in B Grade, Domonic Whalan - 1st Badge under-25 years.

Left to Right: Kim O'Loghlen - 6th Badge in A Grade, John Caske - 10th Badge in A Grade, Emile Daniel - 2nd at the 2nd 500 yards F Class Std.

Who needs enemies with club mates like this?

Dave "The Pieman" Gardner left his pride-and-joy where he thought it would be safe while he worked
 at manicuring our great rifle range.   We can only imagine his thoughts when he returned to find
 his beloved chariot mortally wounded by a runaway van owned by a Natives club(mate?).

Now we shouldn't name names - but, if you wink, wink I'll nudge, nudge!    Let's just say that the offending van
has pictures of children's' jumping castles on the side.  The said unnamed driver of the van has been severely
tormented by his fellow club members and issued with an appropriate device to replace the parking brake on
his van which was not properly engaged in this incident.

As further punishment the offender shall henceforth be known as "Handbrake"!!!

RIP Dear Friend!

Now Handbrake, it's no good holding it out like that - you have to tie it to the van and throw it out EVERY time you stop!

The offending unguided missile with the warhead slightly askew.

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