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Photo:  The Natives
Rifle Club clubhouse,
Belmont Rifle Range
The Natives Rifle Club is located on the world-class Duncan Rifle Range in bushland reserve at Belmont, a southern suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The objectives of the Club are to foster the sport of full-bore target rifle shooting and the safe and responsible handling of firearms. 

Competitive full-bore target rifle shooting is conducted over distances of 300 yards to 1000 yards using single shot rifles specifically designed for the sport.  Rifle calibres permitted for standard full-bore target shooting are either 7.62mm (0.308in) or 5.56mm (0.223in), however, see below for specifications for other disciplines.

Club competitions are held each Saturday afternoon commencing at 1.00pm

History of the Natives Rifle Club:

The origins of the Natives Rifle Club is closely connected with the Australian Natives Association (ANA), a patriotic organisation founded in Melbourne in 1871 and which later had branches in all States.  From the ANA, the Australian Natives Friendly Society (later the Australian Unity Friendly Society and now known as Australian Unity) and many sporting and social clubs were formed.

The first steps towards forming an ANA rifle club in Brisbane were taken in 1900 and the club became fully active in 1901 as the Australian Natives Rifle Club, later referred to as the ANA Rifle Club and eventually the Natives Rifle Club.

In 1994 a decision was made to establish a club house on the Belmont rifle range and this was achieved through the generous support of its members.  The clubhouse has developed over the years to become a very comfortable meeting place for members to enjoy the social aspects of the sport.  The clubhouse is shown in the above photograph.

Club Activities:

Club members gather at the Clubhouse on the Duncan rifle range at Belmont prior to commencement of shooting on each Saturday afternoon at 1.00pm.  Coffee and refreshments are available from the Club for anyone who would like to join us over lunch.  During the afternoon, club members shoot twice at the distance prescribed in the QRA calendar for the Duncan rifle Range ( click here to view calendar ).  Shooting for the day is usually concluded by 4.30pm after which members and guests adjourn to the clubhouse to discuss the outcome of the competition and enjoy the fellowship of the Club.

The competition roster also includes teams matches known locally as "fixtures" in which teams from each of the clubs on the Duncan rifle range compete against each other for the honour and trophies associated with being the top team for the year.

From time to time, Prize Meetings are held at various other rifle ranges around the region.  These Prize Meetings are open competitions for each of the Grades and disciplines encompassed by the sport of Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting and, as the name suggests, prizes are provided by the promoters and awarded to winners of matches and daily aggregates.  These Prize Meetings are also listed on the QRA calendar ( click here to view calendar ).    Members of the Natives Rifle Club participate in these Prize Meetings with quite some success - click here to view the photos on the Photo Album page.

The Queensland Rifle Association Inc., like other State Rifle Associations, each year holds a State Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting championship known as "The Queens Prize".  These Championships are held on the Duncan range and are contested by many of the members from the Natives Rifle Club.  Likewise, The National Rifle Association of Australia Ltd holds the National Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting Championships (the National "Queens Prize") on the Belmont range on an annual basis.

Full target gallery on display at the Duncan Rifle Range, Belmont for the 2009 QRA Queens Prize competition

Natives Club members shooting and scoring on the firing mound - MDRA Fixtures at 500 Yards - 12/09/2020

Club Facilities:

The clubhouse boasts comfortable facilities for members to relax and enjoy the social aspects of the Club.  A kitchen is available to prepare light meals and refreshments are available for a small charge.  The clubhouse includes a bedroom which can sleep up to three people and which is available on request throughout the year for those who may wish to stay overnight.  The Queensland sub-tropical weather encourages members and guests to gather on the clubhouse outdoor deck for lunch and again later to discuss the results of the day's shooting event and recognise members' achievements in the daily competition. 

The Club will make a rifle available  to visitors who wish to try the sport of fullbore target rifle shooting while ammunition is charged at cost price to the visitor.  An experienced member will provide guidance and tuition to the visitor during shooting to ensure they gain the most from their time on the range in a safe and secure environment.

New members are able to use the Club's reloading equipment to produce their own ammunition, again under the guidance and tuition of an experienced member.  Hand-loading will generally reduce the cost of ammunition by approximately 50% compared to factory prices and, when matched properly to a particular rifle barrel, may reduce the size of shot groups fired from that barrel.

Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting:

Full-bore target rifle shooting includes the following disciplines:

  Target Rifle
: Competitions conducted over 300 yards/metres to 1000 yards/metres using 7.62mm (.308in) or 5.56mm (.223in) bolt-action rifles with peep sights;
  Free Class (F Class)
: Any calibre up to 8mm is permitted, as is the use of rests;
  Match Rifle
: As for Target Rifle, except any sights may be used including magnifying or telescopic sights.  Competition is conducted over 1000 1200 yards/metres.
  300m ISSF
: 300 metres shooting conducted under strict guidelines as set down by the ISSF (International Shooting Sports Federation);
  Field & Rimfire
    - Field Class
- any calibre up to 10mm, magazines are permitted under certain conditions.  Competition is fired over 100 to 300 yards/metres;
    - Rimfire
for rifles of .22 long rifle calibre or the .22 Winchester magnum Rimfire.   Competition is fired at 30 to 90 yards/metres.
  Long Range Black Powder
: This discipline includes muzzle loading, percussion breach loading and Metallic Cartridge.  The rifles are single shot ranging in calibre from .45 to .58 inch.
  Service Rifle
:  Subject to State regulations, for rifles of military calibre.


Fullbore Target Rifle Shooter
      F-Class Target Rifle Shooter             Scorer watching for shot value          Shooter on aim downrange        View from behind shooting mound   Queens Prize winner in the Chair
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Targets 20 to 28 in action at 300 yards

Duncan Range Facilities:

The Queensland Rifle Association has developed its range facilities into one of the best of its kind in the world offering accommodation in various formats from motel and family units to bunk rooms.  A modern bar and coffee shop and canteen operate during major competitions on the range.  

The standard of the range and its facilities are such that the World Long Range Rifle Shooting Championships were held on the Duncan range in 2011.  The Palma Long Range Rifle Teams match was held in conjunction with these championships and was contested by international teams from all over the world.

Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting - A Challenging and Rewarding Sport:

Responsible attitudes towards the handling of firearms is the foremost duty of every member and a thorough knowledge of safety procedures is the first priority of every competitor.

Opportunities exist for representation in State Teams, at World Cups and International competition including Commonwealth Games.
  The level of achievement you set yourself can be from that of enjoying a pleasant weekend in social competition or striving to represent your State or Country. Whatever your goal it will provide you with a sense of satisfaction. 

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