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01/09/2018 - 900 Yards

18 Members and/or Guests in Attendance

Weather Conditions:  Warm, sunny, moderate to fresh variable winds from 5.30 thru 9.00 o'clock

    Range:  900
  Name: Grade  
  O'Loghlen, Kim A 102.07
  Pratt, Joshua B 99.09
  Howlett, Kevin B 98.08
  Spence, James A 98.06
  Baker, Luke A 97.08
  Menzel, John A 97.07
  Thompson, Don A 96.05
  Henderson, Garry A 95.05
  Halpin, Michael C 93.04
  Smith, Steve A 92.07
  Errington, Ian C 87.04
  Canty, Marcia  C 42.02
  F-Class Standard Scope  
  Latham, Wayne FS 114.04
  Ruthven, Brad FS 109.05
  Craick, Gordon FS 106.04
  Blair, Wayne FS 106.01
  Pickles, Brian FS 104.04
  F/TR Scope  
  Pratt, Craig F/TR 111.02



Natives Rifle Club member, Josh Pratt, has been selected in the Australian Under-21 rifle team to compete in the World Long Range Championships in New Zealand in January and February, 2019.

Josh's well deserved selection at the age of 15 follows his string of high profile successes in individual competition over the last twelve months.

The Natives Club congratulates Josh on his selection and wishes him every success in this prestigious event.

Josh Pratt with the Royal Kaltenberg Cup he won at the 2018 QRA Championship in August.



Natives Club member, Michael Halpin, repeated his success in the National Championships by winning the C grade Queens and Grand Aggregate in the QRA Championships.  Michael's shooting and consistency has improved significantly in recent time leading to another milestone win. B Grade look out!

Josh Pratt, who has been a shining light in C and B Grade competition in the last couple of years, was justifiably promoted to A Grade for the QRA Championships. Josh , at 15 years of age, has consistently performed way above any expectation for someone of his tender years and experience.  Not intimidated by competing against some of the best marksmen in Australia, Josh finished 4th in the Duncan Series, 7th in the QRA Queens and 4th in the Grand Aggregate!  As an indicator of Josh's wonderful performance in his first foray in A Grade it is appropriate to compare his scores with James Corbett, the greatest marksmen in the modern era of fullbore target rifle shooting.  In the Duncan Series, Josh finished 3 places ahead of James while in the Queens James finished in 3rd place only 2 points ahead of Josh in 7th place.  In the Grand Aggregate, Josh was 4th only one place and one point behind James! 
Congratulations to Josh on his fine performance in his inaugural competition in A Grade!  The Big Boys better watch out!

It's hard to get a grin out of Michael Halpin but his success in the QRA Championships obviously delights him!

Josh Pratt displays some of his loot including the Under-25 trophy

Winners are grinners:
L to R: Josh Pratt, Michael Halpin, Rudi Mueller, Craig Pratt, Brian Pickles

Yoshihito Sakakibara, leader of a contingent of 9 shooters from Japan addresses the audience
  Summary of Natives Rifle Club Members' Results  
Aggregate: A Grade: 1st Colin Cole, North Arm 297.30   Aggregate: A Grade 1st  Ash Bidgood, Crows Nest    
      Natives Members:             Natives Members:      
    4th Josh Pratt     297.29       7th Josh Pratt     495.58  
    5th Kim O'Loghlen   296.36       28th James Spence   488.48  
      Leigh Marett   289.22         Leigh Marett   487.43  
      Don Thompson   285.21         Don Thompson   483.36  
      John Caske   267.13         Kim O'Loghlen   476.47  
                      Garry Henderson   475.37  
  B Grade: 1st Blade Lacey, Maryborough (Vic) 294.30         Steve Smith   472.43  
      Natives Members:                      
    7th Rudi Mueller   286.19     B Grade 1st Blade Lacey, Maryborough (Vic) 490.47  
                      Natives Members:      
  C Grade: 1st Peter Hannaford, L'ton VDC 279.16       4th Rudi Mueller   486.40  
      Natives Members:             Kevin Howlett   476.27  
    2nd Michael Halpin   275.17         Lyle Vinter   466.33  
  F-Std A: 1st Nick Williamson, Gemfields 350.24     C Grade: 1st Michael Halpin, Natives 480.36  
  F-Std B: 1st Linda Sweet, Port Jackson 335.15     F-Std A 1st Nick Williamson, Gemfields    
                      Natives Members:      
  F-Open 1st Adrian Siebel, Hornsby RSL 347.20         Wayne Latham   551.24  
  F/TR: 1st Mark Fairbairn, Cannon Hill RSL 346.23     F-Std B: 1st Brian Hansen, Ipswich 557.18  
      Natives Members:             Natives Members:      
      Craig Pratt   334.14         Brian Pickles   552.20  
                  F-Open 1st Adrian Siebel, Hornsby RSL 591.45  
                  F/TR: 1st Daryl Barlow, Ipswich 586.42  
                      Natives Members:      
                    3rd Craig Pratt   574.31  
        A Grade 1st  Ash Bidgood, Crows Nest 795.97            
            Natives Members:              
          4th Josh Pratt     792.87            
            Leigh Marett   776.65            
            Kim O'Loghlen 772.83            
            Don Thompson 768.57            
        B Grade: 1st Blade Lacey, Maryborough (Vic)              
            Natives Members:              
          4th Rudi Mueller   772.59            
        C Grade: 1st Michael Halpin, Natives 755.53            
        F-Std A: 1st Nick Williamson, Gemfields 939.60            
        F-Std B: 1st Brian Hansen, Ipswich 889.31            
        F-Open 1st Adrian Siebel, Hornsby RSL 938.65            
        F/TR: 1st Daryl Barlow, Ipswich 921.58            
            Natives Members:              
          2nd Craig Pratt   908.45            



Natives Club member, Wendy Latham, won the Brisbane Rifle Club's Prize Meeting on Saturday, August 4th with an excellent score of 150.19.
In achieving this, Wendy won the 600 yards match with 50.7.

In B Grade, Josh Pratt was unlucky to be counted out to second place on central bulls.

Josh Pratt achieved a milestone for himself by shooting his first possible 50.10 at the 800 yards distance!  Excellent shooting Josh!

Wendy proudly shows off her No.1 badge

The scoreboard reports Josh's perfect score

  Brisbane Rifle Club Prize Meeting     MDRA Prize Meeting       
  Saturday, August 4, 2018       Sunday, August 5, 2018      
  Summary of Natives Club Members' Results    
Aggregate:           Aggregate:        
A Grade: 1st Badge Wendy Latham 150.19   A Grade: 1st Badge Matt Pozzebon, University 148.19  
  5th Badge Don Thompson 149.15     5th Badge Kim O'Loghlen 148.13  
  8th Badge Kim O'Loghlen 148.17       James Spence 145.16  
    John Menzel 145.07       Don Thompson 145.15  
    Steve Smith 145.07       Leigh Marett 144.14  
    John Caske 144.10       Garry Henderson 142.12  
                Steve Smith 140.10  
B Grade: 1st Badge Blade Lacey, Maryborough 148.19       John Caske 135.09  
  2nd Badge Josh Pratt   148.15              
  5th Badge Rudi Mueller 146.13   B Grade: 1st Badge Blade Lacey, Maryborough 150.13  
    Lyle Vinter 144.10     3rd Badge Josh Pratt   147.23  
    Dominic Whalan 143.09       Kevin Howlett 144.12  
    Peter Scovell 141.08       Rudi Mueller 131.07  
    Kevin Howlett 137.09              
            C Grade: 1st Badge Alex Nocerino, Gold Coast 143.09  
C Grade: 1st Badge Greg Faux, University 144.12              
    Ian Errington 133.03   F/Std-A: 1st Badge Andrew McKillop, Bundaberg 176.06  
F/Std-A: 1st Badge Andrew McKillop, Bundaberg 177.15   F/Std-B: 1st Badge Michael Johansen, NZ 172.06  
    Wayne Latham 172.10       Wayne Blair 169.05  
                Brian Pickles 162.05  
F/Std-B: 1st Badge Anthony Whittemore, Subiaco 173.10              
  3rd Badge Brian Pickles 172.06   F-Open 1st Badge Ernie Mace, Albert & Central 175.12  
    Wayne Blair 168.10              
    Scott Morley 157.06   F/TR: 1st Badge Jason Mayers, Brisbane 173.13  
F-Open 1st Badge Brian Potter, Brisbane Mariners 180.22              
F/TR: 1st Badge Jason Mayers, Brisbane 175.13              
Other Achievements         Other Achievements        
B Gr 500(2) 1st Josh Pratt   50.07   B Gr 800 1st Josh Pratt 50.10  
FS-B 500(2) 1st Brian Pickles 60.03   B Gr 900 1st Josh Pratt   50.07  
A Gr 600 1st Wendy Latham 50.07              

Full results at



Natives club member, Rudi Mueller, won the B Grade Aggregate at the Ipswich Prize Meeting held on Sunday, July 29th.

A large turnout of 90 competitors were in attendance and even with 8 Hexta electronic targets in operation the last range was shortened to seven shots to finish the program before the light was lost.

A grass and scrub fire that started at the range from a mower on the previous day was still being monitored by the Rural Fire Brigade resulting in several short cease-fires to allow fire appliances to access the fire area.  The photo below shows how close the fire was to the newly renovated clubhouse.

All results are available on the Hexta website - follow the link below:

Rudi Mueller and his No.1 B Grade Badge

Evidence of the fire still fresh as seen from the Clubhouse


Competitors in the 2018 National Championships held at the Belmont range from June 20th to 24th enjoyed ideal Queensland winter weather with chilly early mornings and clear skies and warm temperatures each day.  The wind followed a similar pattern every day commencing with cool southwesterlies turning around to south easterlies in the middle of the day.
These favourable conditions led to very high scores in all of the target rifle and scope class disciplines with James Corbett of Benalla, Victoria winning his 35th Queens with a possible score of 475 points

Displaying skill and temperament way beyond his age, 15 year old Josh Pratt followed up his win in the Natives Prize Meeting a few days earlier by winning the B Grade Presidents trophy, the B Grade Queens Prize and the B Grade Grand Aggregate as well as several range prizes along the way.
To top it off, Josh's score in the B Grade Grand Aggregate was sufficient to qualify him for the Kaltenberg Cup shoot-off at 1000 yards between the top 20 target rifle shooters over the five days of the Nationals.
In a fine display of precision shooting and wind reading, Josh top-scored with the only possible 75 points to win the Kaltenberg Cup from a field of top-class competitors which included past and current Commonwealth Games representatives.

To keep it in the family, Josh's Uncle and fellow Natives Club member, Michael Halpin, had a clean sweep in C Grade winning the Presidents trophy, the C Grade Queens, and the C Grade Grand Aggregate as well as several range prizes. 
This followed Michael's 2nd place in C Grade in the Natives Prize Meeting and reflects his progress in the sport this year at club level where he has a comfortable lead in the Natives Club C Grade Championship.

Congratulations to both Josh and Michael for their respective wins against tough competition.

Summary of Results
The President:       The National Queens:       The Grand Aggregate:      
A-Grade: 1st - Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo 349.45   A-Grade: 1st  -  James Corbett, Benalla 475.70   A-Grade: 1st  -  James Corbett, Benalla 822.117  
  Natives Club Scores:       Natives Club Scores:       Natives Club Scores:      
  Don Thompson   343.35     Don Thompson 457.42     Don Thompson   810.77  
  Kim O'Loghlen   342.33     Kim O'Loghlen   463.43     Kim O'Loghlen   805.76  
  Leigh Marett   342.32     James Spence   460.48     Leigh Marett   801.69  
  John Caske   330.28     Leigh Marett   459.37     John Caske   781.64  
            John Caske   451.36              
B-Grade: 1st - Josh Pratt, Natives  345.31               B-Grade: 1st - Josh Pratt, Natives  814.77  
          B-Grade: 1st - Josh Pratt, Natives  469.46              
C-Grade: 1st - Michael Halpin, Natives  330.16     Other Natives Club Scores:     C-Grade: 1st - Michael Halpin, Natives  772.46  
            Rudi Mueller   454.37              
F-Class Std (Single grade):         Lyle Vinter   435.23   F-Class Std - A Grade:      
  1st - Paul Finger, Gemfields 413.37                 1st - Bill Hallam, Beverley 10 967.69  
  Natives Club Scores:     C-Grade: 1st - Michael Halpin, Natives  442.30     Natives Club Scores:      
  Wayne Latham   395.16                 Wayne Latham   929.41  
          F-Class Std - A Grade:                  
F-Open: 1st - Brett Bunyan, Boddington 214 419.35     1st - Denis Aarons, North Arm 559.35   F-Open: 1st - Azzo Azzopardi, Cairns 982.89  
            Natives Club Scores:                
F/TR: 1st - Daryl Barlow, Ipswich 411.27     Wayne Latham 534.25   F/TR: 1st - Daryl Barlow, Ipswich 964.69  
  Natives Club Scores:                   Natives Club Scores:      
  Craig Pratt - 2nd Badge 409.22   F-Class Std - B Grade:         Craig Pratt - 2nd   953.50  
             1st - Marty Duffield, Mariners 526.23              
                      The Karltenberg Cup      
          F-Open: 1st - Azzo Azzopardi, Cairns 565.49     1st - Josh Pratt, Natives  75.6  
          F/TR: 1st - Frans Knox, Brisbane 558.37              
            Natives Club Scores:                
            Craig Pratt    544.28              

All results are available on the NRAA Website - Click Here

Josh Pratt and Michael Halpin display their badges

More photos on the Photo Album page - click here



Seventy Seven competitors attended the Natives Rifle Club two-day Prize Meeting on the weekend of June 16th and 17th.
Excellent shooting conditions on the Saturday led to some very high scores but wild westerly winds on Sunday saw scores plummet at 900 and 1000 yards. 
Despite this, Natives Club members figured prominently in the winners list.
Wendy Latham won the A Grade Les Perrin Memorial two-day aggregate with fellow club members Leigh Marett, Don Thompson and Kim O'Loghlen also collecting A Grade badges.
 In B Grade, Josh Pratt started a very successful week of shooting by taking out the aggregate for that grade with fellow Natives, Rudi Mueller 4th badge and Luke Baker 8th badge.
Craig Pratt, not to be out-done by son, Josh, won F-TR.
Other club members to collect badges were Michael Halpin (2nd in C Grade), Wayne Latham (5th in F-Class Std A Grade), Wayne Blair (3rd in F-Class Std B Grade), Paul Menzel (5th in F-Class Std B Grade) and  George Constantinou (3rd in F-Open).
 The Keith Affleck Belt was won by Colin Jones of the Albert and Central club in the traditional shoot-off at 1000 yards of the top ten target rifle competitors in the two-day aggregate regardless of grade.
Summary of Scores
A Grade:         F-Class Std A:      
1st Badge Wendy Latham, Natives - 292.21 1st Badge Andrew McKillop, Bundaberg/Burnett - 336.20
Natives Scores:       Natives Scores:      
7th Badge Leigh Marett - 287.22     5th Badge Wayne Latham - 315.21  
11th Badge Don Thompson - 284.21     Brian Pickles - 302.10  
15th Badge Kim O'Loglen - 281.24            
Garry Henderson - 281.21   F-Class Std B:      
James Spence - 279.21   1st Badge Craig Clark, Gatton Glenore - 334.15
Steve Smith - 267.14     Natives Scores:      
        3rd Badge Wayne Blair - 328.19    
B Grade:         5th Badge Paul Menzel - 316.11    
1st Badge Josh Pratt, Natives - 283.29     Scott Morley - 293.11  
Natives Scores:                
4th Badge Rudi Mueller - 276.14     F-Class Open:      
Luke Baker - 267.15     1st Badge David Boreham, North Arm - 348.16
        Natives Scores:      
C Grade:         3rd Badge George Constantinou - 339.19  
1st Badge Catherine Jones, Beaudesert - 275.12          
Natives Scores:       F/TR:        
2nd Badge Michael Halpin - 269.12   1st Badge Craig Pratt, Natives - 333.15  
Keith Affleck Belt:  Colin Jones, Albert and Central  
Other Notable Natives Scores:              
Day 1 Agg - "The Carina Leagues Club Short Rang Match"  Day 2 Agg - "The Berger Long Range Match"  
B Grade: 1st Badge - Josh Pratt - 147.16 A Grade: 1st Badge - Wendy Latham - 146.10
B Grade: 2nd Badge - Rudi Mueller - 145.10 B Grade: 3rd Badge - Josh Pratt - 136.13  
F-Std A: 3rd Badge - Wayne Latham - 174.15 C Grade: 2nd Badge - Michael Halpin - 133.7
F-Std B: 3rd Badge - Wayne Blair - 171.13 F-Std B: 2nd Badge - Wayne Blair - 157.6
F-Open: 3rd Badge - George Constantinou - 176.16 F-Open: 3rd Badge - George Constantinou - 163.3
F-TR: 3rd Badge - Craig Pratt - 172.11   F-TR: 2nd Badge - Craig Pratt - 161.4  

Full results are available on the Hexta Target Systems website at

Wendy Latham accepts Les Perrin Memorial Shield from Les' daughter, Adele Wimberley

Grade Winners L to R:
Wendy Latham (A Grade), Craig Pratt (FT/R), Josh Pratt (B Grade), Craig Clark (F-Std B Grade), Catherine Jones (C Grade)

Left: Andrew McKillop (F-Std A Grade), David Boreham (F-Open)

More photos on the Photo Album Page - Click Here



Natives Club member, Josh Pratt, had a clean sweep of the
B Grade Aggregates at the Bundaberg two-day Prize Meeting this weekend winning both the daily aggregates and the Grand Aggregate.

Josh's Grand Aggregate score of 348.39 (just two points down) was only beaten by the A Grade winner, Gillian Webb-Enslin.

Josh's dad, Craig, was also a podium place winner in F/TR coming third in each of the daily aggregates and third in the Grand Aggregate.




Natives Rifle Club member, Don Thompson, shot well in the NQRA Championships conducted recently in Townsville winning 5th Queens badge and 4th Grand Aggregate badge.

Wilson Aggregate:      
A Grade: (5 Badges)      
  1st  G. Aitchison, Canberra - 298.34
Natives Scores:      
  7th Don Thompson - 288.25
    John Caske - 284.18  
NQRA Queens:      
A Grade: (8 Badges)      
  1st  J. Kutchel, Atherton - 397.44
Natives Scores:      
  5th Badge Don Thompson - 389.36
    John Caske - 376.27  
NQRA Grand Aggregate:    
A Grade: (5 Badges)      
  1st  G. Aitchison, Canberra - 692.66
Natives Scores:      
  4th Badge Don Thompson - 677.61
    John Caske - 660.45  

Don Thompson (File Photo)



Light to moderate winds provided the opportunity for some big scores at 800 yards on Saturday.

Kim O'Loghlen, James Spence, Wendy Latham and Kevin Howlett all shot double possibles.  Well done Natives!


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