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20/04/2019 - 1000 Yards

16 Members and Guests in attendance

Partly cloudy, moderate to fresh winds from 10.30
    Date: 20/4/19
    Range:  1000
  Name: Grade  
  Marett, Leigh A 102.05
  Spence, James A 98.03
  Baker, Luke A 97.11
  O'Loghlen, Kim A 97.03
  Latham, Wendy A 96.04
  Spence, Teddy C 94.06
  Halpin, Michael B 92.04
  Vinter, Lyle A 92.03
  Nicol, David Vis 89.03
  Caske, John A 87.03
  Canty, Marcia  C 84.02
  Eiteneuer, Ryan B 74.04
  Errington, Ian C 69.00
  F-Class Standard Scope  
  Latham, Wayne FS 112.04
  Pickles, Brian FS 110.04
  Davidson, Ivor Vis 108.02



Young Teddy Spence showed the rest of the Natives Club shooters how to get a great score at 1000 yards on Saturday when he shot an excellent 53.5/55 with the assistance of fellow club member, Leigh Marett.

This is Teddy's best score to date and shows the improvement he is making under the guidance of his father, James.




Natives Rifle Club Members, Don Thompson and Kim O'Loghlen, competed in the 2019 VRA Championships just completed in Bendigo.
Summary of Results    
Syme Aggregate:      
A Grade: 1st - Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo - 300.35
Natives Club Scores:    
13th Don Thompson - 292.24  
17th Kim O'Loghlen - 289.32  
Queens Aggregate:      
A Grade: 1st -  James Corbett, Benalla - 398.57
Natives Club Scores:    
24th Kim O'Loghlen - 392.4  
24th Don Thompson - 391.25  
Percy Pavey Grand Aggregate:    
A Grade: 1st -  Geoff Grenfell, Bendigo - 698.81
Natives Club Scores:    
14th Don Thompson - 683.49  
16th Kim O'Loghlen - 681.72  



The QRA conducted it's Champion of Champions matches on Saturday morning, March 30th, over 600, 900 and 1000 yards.

Natives member, Josh Pratt, continued on his winning way not only winning the QRA Champion of Champions Under-25 trophy but in doing so, was the top TR shooter on the day.

Congratulations, Josh

Josh Pratt (File Photo)



The MDRA conducted it's postponed Champion of Club Champions matches on Saturday morning, March 3rd, over 300, 600, 900 and 1000 yards.

Natives member, Josh Pratt, won the Under-25 trophy while Wayne Latham won the F-Class Standard trophy.

Congratulations, Josh and Wayne

Josh and Wayne will now go on to contest the QRA Champion of Champions matches on Saturday, March 30th.

Josh Pratt accepts his trophy from MDRA President, Derek Sharp.

Wayne Latham accepts his MDRA F-Class Standard trophy.



These Championships were held on the Trentham range in New Zealand as part of an extensive program which commenced on January 25, 2019 with the NZRA Championships and concluded on February 10th with the International Palma Teams matches.

Competitors representing New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Great Britain, South Africa, Canada and the Channel Islands were participating in these Championships which indicates the world-class level of fullbore target shooters involved.

Included in the program was the World Veterans Teams Championships, the World Under-25 Teams Championships and the World Under-21 Teams Championships.  The Australian Teams displayed their awesome talents by winning all of these Championships.  Natives Club members John Caske was manager for the Veterans Team and Josh Pratt was a shooter in the Under-21 Team.

In the individual IWLRC, Natives Club members displayed their skills with Don Thompson winning the Gold Medal for the 1000 yards match on Day 1 while Tim Berry won the Gold Medal for the 1000 yards match on Day 2 as well as the Gold Medal for the 800 yards match on Day 3.

Josh Pratt was the standout performer when the 15 year old again showed his brilliant skills by finishing 16th in the ILRWC and won the Under-21 Aggregate.  Just remember that this was against the very best fullbore target shooters in the world!

The final event on the ILRWC program was the prestigious Palma Teams matches contested by teams of 16 from each of the countries mentioned above.  The Palma consists of 15 shots at 800, 900 and 1000 yards fired on each of two consecutive days.  The Palma match originated in the USA in 1876 as a celebration of the independence of that country and is now held every four years with one of the competing countries hosting the event.  The Palma was last held in Australia at the Belmont range in 2011.

Australia won the Palma Teams match this year in convincing style by 77 points from arch-rivals, Great Britain, with the USA a further 19 points back.  This result is the culmination of the efforts put in by the team over recent years in preparing for this major competition!

Results from all the NZRA, International teams and ILRWC matches are available on the NZRA website at

Josh Pratt (Left) shooting on the Trentham range

Josh Pratt, 16th in the International Long Range World Championships

  Left: Don Thompson; Right: Shaun Connolly
John Caske and his Veterans Team Gold Medal

Australian Veterans World Champion Team 2019

Australian Under-21 World Champion Rifle Team 2019
Josh Pratt, back row, second from right.
(Photos compliments of Vicki Pratt and John Caske)

Left: The fabulous Palma Trophy; Right: The Palma Inscription

Australian Palma Team shooters and coaches on the firing mound
Australia, The World Long Range Champions 2019!
(Photos from Facebook)



A Two-Day Prize Meeting to raise funds for the development of junior shooters was held on the Belmont
range on Australia Day, Saturday, January 26th and Sunday, January 27th.

Natives members were prominent in the prize list with Ian Errington (C Grade), Wayne Blair (FS-A) and Craig Pratt (F-TR) winning the First Day Aggregate in their respective grades.  On Day Two, Rudi Mueller (B Grade), Ian Errington (C Grade) and Brad Ruthven (FS-B) were aggregate winners.

In the Grand Aggregate for the two days, Ian Errington had a clean sweep in C Grade while Wayne Blair (FS-B) and Craig Pratt (F-TR) took home the winners' medallions.

Hot and windy conditions over the two days proved very challenging for the competitors and lends extra kudos to these great wins.

Congratulations All Round!!!

  Summary of Natives Club Members' Results    
  Saturday, January 26, 2019   Sunday, January 27, 2019  
  (500 Yards and double 600 Yards)   (1000 Yards and double 900 Yards)  
Aggregate:           Aggregate:        
A Grade: 1st Geoff Grant, Brisbane Mariners 147.11   A Grade: 1st Joshua Turner, Bunderberg 140.13  
    Natives Scores:         Natives Scores:    
  2nd Kim O'Loghlen 146.16     2nd Kim O'Loghlen 139.13  
B Grade: 1st Nikk Ellis, Crows Nest 145.13   B Grade: 1st Rudi Mueller, Natives 127.10  
    Natives Scores:                
  2nd Rudi Mueller 143.07   C Grade: 1st Ian Errington, Natives 114.06  
  3rd Kevin Howlett 140.12              
            F/Std-A: 1st Andrew McKillop, Bundaberg 165.03  
C Grade: 1st Ian Errington, Natives 123.04              
            F/Std-B: 1st Brad Ruthven, Natives 153.04  
F/Std-A: 1st Andrew McKillop, Bundaberg 178.16       Other Natives Scores:    
    Natives Scores:       2nd Wayne Blair 151.05  
    Wayne Latham 161.08       Scott Morley ??  
F/Std-B: 1st Wayne Blair, Natives 166.09   F-Open: 1st Craig McGowan, Brisbane 171.09  
    Other Natives Scores:                
  3rd Brian Pickles 166.06   F/TR: 1st Frans Knox, Brisbane 166.03  
    Scott Morley 153.06       Natives Scores:    
              2nd Craig Pratt 157.07  
F-Open: 1st Peter Broom, Beaudesert 178.08              
    Natives Scores:                
  3rd George Constantinou 175.12              
F/TR: 1st Craig Pratt, Natives 173.08              
  Two-Day Grand Aggregate  
      A Grade: 1st   Joshua Turner, Bunderberg 286.23    
        2nd   Kim O'Loghlen, Natives   285.29    
      B Grade: 1st   Nikk Ellis, Crows Nest   270.19    
        2nd   Rudi Mueller, Natives   270.17    
        3rd   Kevin Howlett, Natives   265.16    
      C Grade: 1st   Ian Errington, Natives   237.10    
      F/Std-A: 1st   Andrew McKillop, Bundaberg 343.19    
      F/Std-B: 1st   Wayne Blair, Natives   317.14    
      F-Open: 1st   Josh Reid, Ipswich   343.20    
      F/TR: 1st   Craig Pratt, Natives   330.15    

A full list of scores are available on the Hexta website - click here

L to R: Craig Pratt, Ian Errington, Wayne Blair, Brad Ruthven - Winners All!

QRA Past President, John Johnstone, presents medallions to Ian Errington and Wayne Blair
Craig Pratt and Brad Ruthven looking very happy to receive their medallions


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