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 First shoot of the new year - 16/01/21 - 300 Yards

27 Members and visitors in attendance

Conditions: Overcast with light winds from 7.30 o'clock before wild storm caused match to be abandoned
        Date: 16/1/21
      Cock of the Walk Trophy.jpg Range:  300
  Name: Link to Groups 105's & 126's Grade 2021  
  Aherne, Mike Click   F/TR Shoot
  Baker, Luke Click   A Abandoned
  Bell, Robert Click   B due to 
  Berry, Catherine Click   FSB rain storm
  Berry, Tim Click   A  
  Blair, Wayne Click   FSA  
  Brinin, Isaac Click   C  
  Broome, William Click   C  
  Buckingham, Mark Click   C  
  Canty, Marcia  Click   C  
  Caske, John Click   B  
  Clarkson, Brett Click   FO  
  Connolly, Shaun Click   A  
  Constantinou, George Click   FO  
  Constantinou, Kate Click   B  
  Craick, Gordon Click   FSB  
  Errington, Ian Click   C  
  Greaves, Brian Click   FSB  
  Halpin, Lily Click   FSB  
  Halpin, Michael Click   B  
  Heald, Karen Click   B  
  Hodson, Tim Click   C  
  Kansky, Anthony Click   FSB  
  Latham, Wayne Click   FSA  
  Latham, Wayne Click   FO  
  Latham, Wendy Click   B  
  Lee, Jin Click   C  
  Lusty, Tim Click   B  
  Marett, Leigh Click   A  
  Meldrum, Craig Click   A  
  Menzel, John Click   B  
  Menzel, John Click   FSB  
  Menzel, Paul Click   FSB  
  Morley, Scott Click   FSB  
  Mueller, Rudi Click   B  
  Muxlow, Sharona Click   B  
  Ngu, Mathew Click   C  
  O'Loghlen, Kim Click   A  
  Pickles, Brian Click   FSA  
  Ploch, Oliver Click   FSB  
  Pont, Martyn Click   FO  
  Pont, Martyn Click   FSB  
  Pratt, Craig Click   F/TR  
  Pratt, Joshua Click   A  
  Ruthven, Brad Click   FSA  
  Ruthven, Brad Click   FO  
  Samuel, Ben Click   FO  
  Samuel, David Click   FO  
  Smith, Steve Click   A  
  Spence, James Click   A  
  Spence, Teddy Click   C  
  Stevens, John Click   F/TR  
  Tez, Jakub Click   FO  
  Thompson, Don Click   A  
  Ward, David Click   FSB  
  Ward, Michael Click   FSB  
  Wardrop, Jeremy Click   FSB  
  Wardrop, Jeremy Click   F/TR  
  Vinter, Lyle Click   B  
  Whalan, Dominic Click   B  



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